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" you will not only preach about making history but you will make it and write a new chapter for your children and you shall have Double what they had 40 yeas ago." ~ Kim Clement to Micheal

Micheal was first saved in West Monroe La. when a Baptist Missionary came to his apartment complex and gave him a Good News Bible. Little did that Baptist Missionary know that his actions would change the world through Micheal.

At 14 Micheal's Father died of Brain Cancer and he lost touch with his 4 older brothers and Mother after they moved out. The same year his teacher in high school invited him to Clarice Fluitt's Church, The Eagle's Nest in Monroe, La. where he was filled with the Spirit and delivered from a broken heart from losing his Father. Micheal would be changed by the love of God that day and although he was living with a Foster family he would never forget the feeling he felt that day and kept it in his heart as a secret that he thought about everyday.

Micheal would marry at the age of 21 and while in a bookstore the Lord led him to Bill Hamon's books from Christian International Ministries and Micheal would soon move to Baton Rouge to be a part of a Christian International Church. While serving as an usher and in the arts ministry Micheal was promoted to Youth Pastor.

In 1995 Micheal had a powerful experience/encounter with the Lord, while at a Youth Retreat. He began to shake, vibrate and tingle all at the same time. Micheal would say that it felt like an angel walked through him. He could instantly tell a person's deepest childhood hurt and the root hurt in their life. Micheal began to experience signs, wonders and miracles instantly!

In 1996 Micheal received a Full Scholarship to Christian and Robin Harfouche's International Miracle Institute in Pensacola Florida. In his second year Micheal was released to travel in ministry and began experiencing more signs, wonders and miracles in his meetings with all meetings being extended.

In 2002 Micheal was interviewed by Sid Roth on It's Supernatural for the Amazing Phenomenom he was having in his meetings while in a 10 week revival.

God spoke to Michel to attend Todd Bentley's Lakeland Revival on a specific night. While there Bob Jones had sent a Word to call up any Minister who had been in ministry 13 years with a child 13 years old. That was Micheal. He went on stage to have hands lay on him by Todd to receive impartation from him and from the Lakeland Revival so it would continue. This would be the only meeting there Micheal attended and the Lakeland Revival came to an end with Todd a month later.

Micheal has spoken in hundreds of churches and conferences with signs following. He is the Author of 12 books and much sought after Revivalist. Some have called his ministry the most anointed in the world, for the Heavy Glory that comes into his meetings.

Letter from Micheal

In 1995 I had my second major encounter with God. I was attending a youth conference and at the time I was serving as the youth pastor in the church.

As we were worshiping I noticed all the youth worshiping but the other youth pastors were not. I began to worship because I wanted to be free in that area.

I began to run and leap for joy as God freed me from religious bondage. Like David I didn't care what anyone said. I was getting free. I felt so alive.

Not long after worship all of the youth Pastors lined up in front and were going to prophesy over some one.

I remember that I began to shake, vibrate and tingle all over as I waited. I had known the anointing but this was different. this was much more powerful. Three distinct sensations yet happening at the same time. I would later read about Benny Hinn having this same experience.

I didn't know if I had been hit by lightening, an angel had walked through me or what but I do know it is the most powerful encounter I have ever had.

No one could get close to me without falling out. I instantly knew the childhood pains of the youth and God was using me to bring deliverance to those areas. some needed to cry, others needed to laugh but both were deliverance and freedom and God was bringing it through my emotions and into them. It was awesome.

My first Revival

When I got back to church I was scheduled to speak for the first time because the Pastor was out of town. This was a very structured church, all about keeping order. Well sometimes God will mess up your order like on the day of Pentecost. As I got up to speak I already knew what was about to happen and moments later the Holy Spirit hit that place as soon as I got up and people were out of their seat jumping leaping dancing. It was over revival had hit our church.

This didn't last long when the Pastor got back fearing losing control and order to God he stifled it. It grieved me and it grieved God and I decided to never let another man stop the move of God which was for His people and Next Move of God Ministries was born. I left with the Pastor's and elders blessing because we both knew it was time.

I have been given the responsibility to seek the Lord for the Global church and for the local church. To hear the Word of the Lord and to speak it into the atmosphere so it becomes creative and active in the Earth realm.

I am Spirit led and Word based. I follow a simple spirit-led theme of VISITATION, PROCLAMATION, DEMONSTRATION AND MANIFESTATION.

Next Move of God Ministries In other words I believe God confirms His Word with Signs following. So if I am speaking God's Words you should see confirmation of that Word spoken in the same meeting.

If I am talking Financial Miracles, we should see instant confirmation. Healing Miracles, same thing, instant confirmation.

I began to worship with my family in my house at night and the power of God was so strong. Soon, word got out and people from around the city began to show up on Friday nights.

We followed a simple format of praise, worship and standing in the Glory, if you could stand, and then just followed what the spirit said.

The Glory was so strong in my living room that people couldn't walk they just crawled or rolled to get anywhere. Many people could not get off the floor they were pinned there overnight. The true Glory of God can be a weighty thing. the Glory is different than the anointing

Many times the Glory has come upon me and I couldn't even minister. I know that I a carrier of revival and a carrier of the Glory. A carrier needs a host and that is what we need a host for the Move of God to take place.

Next Move of God From my living room I began to get church speaking invitations and I just followed the same simple protocol and BAM everywhere I went God showed up, miracles happened, revival broke out, lives were changed. The only thing that changed was my living room had become churches and got a little bigger.

All because I didn't care what anyone thought, I wanted to worship my God. I wanted to be free from man's control. It was a defining moment much like when my Father tried to burn me the second time which I wrote about in My Life on here.

I have since traveled to hundreds of churches, and conferences. I have had meetings extended in 95% of those. I have been in revivals that lasted months and some that continue to this day.

I have lived my dream by seeing almost every type of healing and miracle take place. I have seen amazing signs and wonders, many things that would make you wonder.

I have been interviewed in the media on TV and in print and was featured on an international TV show that appeared in 60 nations.

I have been on stage with Kim Clement when he prophesied to me that I was a Prophet and I would have double what they had 40 years ago which was the days of all of the miracle haling revivalist such as William Branham, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, Aimee Simple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman etc.. .

I have seen healing from incurable diseases from every part of the body, I have seen Creative miracles such as eyes opening, deaf ears opened, broke legs no longer broken, limbs grow out, people walking who never walked before. I have prophesied over thousands. I have lived my dream and I want you to live yours.

The supernatural is very normal to me. Having lost my Father, my Mother and my brothers at an early age. I decided to make God my Father, the Spirit my Mother and Jesus my brother.

This is my family. My life and ministry is a result of being taught by them. All I wanted to do is to introduce other people to my family and let them experience what they are about.

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