Money Miracles

When Jesus told Peter to go find a fish with a gold coin in it's mouth He was operating as a Prophet performing a Financial Miracle. This happens in my life and ministry on a regular basis.

Father - I release miracle money, financial miracles and miracles of provision to everyone reading this. I thank you for lost inheritances, settlements, stolen money returned and restoration and supernatural manifestation of all things pertaining to financial things in their life.

I thank you for money appearing out of no where and for unexpected sources of income, increase and promotion from every area!

I invite you to partner with me today!

Please see below my letter to my Partners about Abounding!

 Dear Partners,

I want to personally thank you for your prayers and financial support.

I want you to know I pray for you daily and believe God for you not just for the
but for the Supernatural as a lifestyle.

I really believe that God has called me to those of us who have been on the
fringes of organized religion.
Maybe you feel burned out by it, or maybe you just feel like you don't fit in,
or never really did.

I have been there and in many ways still feel the same but hey look at Jesus'
ministry it was exactly the same.

Some of you have asked me about the Tithe and the local church. I thought it
best to address this since we are all probably a little different than the norm
and searching for many answers that fit our situation.

For years I tithed my 10 % and gave offerings faithfully without seeing anything
miraculous financially.

I went through a time in my life and ministry about 4 years ago that really
shook me and tested everything I was taught to believe in.

My ministry was expanding internationally and I had been in a 10 week nightly
revival where all sorts of healings, miracles, signs and things that make you
wonder were taking place. People were instantly losing weight, diamonds were
appearing and being plucked out of the carpet, money was appearing in bank
accounts, pockets, wallets and Bibles, broken bones, blind eyes, deafness and
every type of miracle and creative miracle was taking place. Awesome, Amazing
because people were being saved as a result. We even took up one offering and it
was enough to build a brand new church. ( all of this was taking place in a
double wide trailer in a cow pasture ).

Well, right in the middle of this, the Lord said for me to lay it all down and
come home. Can you imagine going from pulling people out of wheelchairs, healing
cancer, seeing gold crowns appear in peoples mouth, the Glory so heavy people
could not stand to nothing, just being home alone with your thoughts for years?

What I learned was there is a hidden-ess in God and there is a manifestation of
what you learned while being hidden with God. I was being hidden, hid away. A
first it was a very hard adjustment to make going from that type of Glory being
manifested to being still and quiet and alone with God.

Over the years there have been many tests that have come my way. This would
prove to be the greatest one yet and what I call a Life Test. Every man and
woman of God had to go through theirs to obtain the promises of their destiny in
God and this was mine.

A life test makes you question everything it makes your knees buckle it shakes
you to the core much like Job experienced not at the hand of Satan but at the
hand of God. God is in total control, he is either doing it to you or He is
allowing it to be done to you.

In some ways I am still in it and in others I am seeing the light at the end of
the tunnel. Paul said, " I have learned how to be abased ( suffer ) and I have
learned how to abound ( prosper ). We have learned how to be abased but now we
are coming into a time whereby we need to embrace and learn how to abound. What
I mean is just like physical healing; financial healing takes some getting used
to. Have you ever been blessed so much that you almost feel guilty for it or you
don't want people around you to feel bad because of it? This can lead to a false
humility, which is pride. We are basically disagreeing with God and what He says
we have and who we are right?

To learn how to abound we must change our thinking. We have to get a vision
board and put the car we want, the house we want, the lifestyle we want, the
type of relationship with the Lord and others we want. We have to begin to
abound first in our thoughts, our beliefs, then faith will arise and those
things will begin to manifest in our life.

If we truly believe in miracles and we are sowing into miracles then let's get
real, let's get radical, let's Go For It!

This is my vision for you, I and God want you to be happy and to have everything
your heart desires.God is ok with you having nice things as long as they don't
take the place of Him so get a vision, renew your vision, revive the dreams that
you had and learn to abound and put yourself in a position to receive those
things that God put in your heart.

But remember one thing that I had to learn. IT IS THE BLESSING OF THE LORD (THE
isn't about seeking the blessings it is about seking the BLESSING OF THE LORD

I believe my partners to be a living testimony and a witness of the Blessing of
the Lord and the Goodness of God. Now believe in me, believe in the anointing,
the mantle, believe in yourself and most importantly Believe in the Lord Your

In closing, I wrote an article about the tithe for those of you that may not be
in an organized church right now or in transition or feeling like your church
just isn't feeding you at the level that you need and posted it on the website
under TITHE.

As the Lord begins to manifest miracles, please be sensitive to them and
document them through the Testimonies link on the site. For we overcome by the
blood and the Word of our testimony no matter how small you may think it is.

May you abound in blessings and prosper in every area.

Micheal Pipes

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