The 100 Fold Money Miracle Prayer --100 Times What You Sow

I wrote an article about the 100 Fold Money Miracle on this site. You can find it on the Nav bar to the left under miracles.

It gives scripture and I tell the story of how this began to manifest in my life, so I won't repeat myself here.

I have seen solid gold dimes. I have seen people sow into my ministry and have miracle money appear in their bank accounts, wallets, purse, bibles etc..

I have seen people give and receive 100 times what they gave.

I have seen people give to me and have the same amount clear the bank but never come out of their bank account.

This is nothing new to me.

Miracle Money Prayer

Father I speak and command 100 times what this person has sown to manifest in every area of their life NOW in this TIME and in THIS season.

100 Fold Money Miracle I thank you in advance for the 100 Money Miracle for them and I give you all praise and honor and glory for it in Jesus name.

Now just believe and expect it.

Write down the amount you want and need and sow accordingly.