The 100 Fold Miracle

Earlier I listed some of the miracles I had witnessed in my meetings. I also discussed the progression of going from the prophetic to healing, to healing miracles, to financial miracles, to creative miracles, to unusual miracles and on to signs and wonders.

I have tried to speak from my heart and just lay out there what God has done in my life. I realize that money and miracles is taboo these days but I am not ashamed to talk about all of God not just portions of God.

When I speak in churches I always take a survey. I ask people how many people need a healing,about 60% usually raise their hands. I then ask how many of you need a financial miracle? About 95% of the people raise their hands. This bothered me. Here I was believing for miracles for the people but they were all leaving still needing financial miracles. I began to pray and fast. I sensed that God wanted to do a new thing in my ministry.

I went back and read all of the scriptures where Prophets were used for miracles of provision. It seemed there was a special anointing for the Prophets to not only work miracles but to also minister financial miracles. You can read about them here:

I then studied the miracles Jesus did. Jesus talked about money more than people think. We know He was a Prophet so is it any under He was moving in financial miracles for the people.

I had already started seeing some interesting financial miracles which started with accountants in churches but I could sense God wanted to do something beyond that.

He took me to scripture and immediately an anointing came upon me.

Matthew 19:29 (New King James Version)

29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife[a] or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, now in this time,and inherit eternal life.

Do you see it? The Hundredfold is in the scripture. Now these are the people that have sacrificed for the Kingdom. They have left or lost family, brothers and sisters, wife and children for His name's sake.

I knew in my own personal life that this was true. I had lost and left everything to Follow Him. I knew this word was for me. I knew that I could believe God for 100 times what I sow and it began to happen. I began to carry an anointing for this for other people. To pray over offerings and their sowing and giving and seeing the Hundredfold Miracle Manifested.

Does it happen with everyone? I honestly do not know. I encourage testimonies and documentation but not everyone gets back to me.

God reminded me that when I was a foster child I had $30,000 embezzled from me. This was my Father's Social Security money and I was supposed to get it when I turned 18. That never happened.

God the Father told me that He was my Father now and this is my inheritance from Him. All over the world people will know me by this miracle and want to take part and sow into it. today I get testimonies on a regular basis. I just had a guy I met online offer to help me with my website if I prayed for him a miracle. I agreed and he started to help with a few things then BAM he received a large contract for $30,000 to build a website for a large corporation. I haven't heard back from him since:(

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