I am an Author, Speaker, Teacher and Revivalist

My name is Micheal Pipes. I inspire people to reach their full potential in life and how to overcome obstacles, setbacks and disappointments in order to live the life they really want. I help people to identify that one root problem in their life and to get unstuck and move on.

I have published 13 books on Amazon.com which can be found on the Books link here in the top left section of my webpage.

At 14 years old, I lost my Father to cancer and had lost contact with my 4 brothers and Mother. The arrangements that were made for me to have a place to live and a chance in life never materialized, and at 14 I was homeless and alone in the world.

I was fortunate enough to have a teacher my sophomore year in high school that reached out to me, inspired me, mentored me and cared enough to see my life turn around for the better.

Today, I do for others what that teacher did for me. I inspire, encourage, motivate, teach, train and challenge others to Live Their Dreams!

I have authored 13 books and my life has been featured on the TV Show It's Supernatural. When I speak of the supernatural I am referring to how our human potential can become infused with God so much that we take the limits off and live in a place where the impossible becomes possible. Today, I live in this place where I see the blind healed, deaf healed and the lame walk and miracles of every type manifest wherever I am speaking at the time. This is a place that you can live in as well. When Jesus Christ said, " Follow Me " what he was really saying was " Be like me. " He was saying, come with me, I want to teach you and train you to do the same things I do and even greater things.

Today, I say the same thing, " Come with me, let me teach, train and inspire you to do the things I do."

Partner with me and let me mentor you. Sign up for the book club and learn what I have learned.

Together, we can make history and change the world!

The nature of God is the same as the nature of miracles. In fact everything that God did was what we would consider today as being Supernatural. He put a man inside a woman without intercourse. He created everything we see by speaking it into existence. Jesus put a gold coin in a fishes mouth ( financial miracle ) spit on a blind man's eyes to restore his sight ( healing miracle ) walked on water ( creative miracle ) and performed many signs and wonders such as raising Lazarus from the dead, appearing, disappearing and being transfigured.

The Bible tells us that Christ is IN US, the hope of Glory Colossi ans 1:27( not just in heaven ). The Bible also states that AS HE is So Are We in this world 1. John 4:17...Next the Bible states that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Next we see that Peter as a MAN walked on water ( creative miracle ) Matthew 14:22-23. Also it was Peter as a man that told a man to rise take up your bed and walk ( healing miracle ) Acts 9:34 Next we see the same Peter raising Dorcas from the dead ( sign and wonder ) Acts 9:40-42 We also see Peter going fishing and pulling up a fish ( Talapia) with a Gold Coin in the fish mouth to pay his temple tax. ( financial miracle ) Matthew 17:24-27

People may say, "well, that was only for Jesus and the Apostles." I say no. There were 70 others. Then there were 120 and even one man that Jesus said, "leave him alone if he is doing these things in my name."

The point is as Christians , Christ is in us, He is the same yesterday, today and forever and As He is We Are Also in this World and You Can Do Miracles!!!

Welcome to my website. Here you will find faith, hope and love along with teachings and testimonies on Healing Miracles, Financial Miracles and Revival. Also, topics, such as Deliverance, Physical Healing, Inner Healing, Miracle Healing, The Prophetic, Present Truth, Kingdom Mindsets, The Anointing, Financial Healing and Financial Miracles, The Supernatural and Inspiration / Motivation from the Life Lessons I have learned. Click on the Books link in the upper left and you will see the books that I have written on these subjects. Click on the Book Cover to order from my Publisher. I invite you to become a Monthly Partner with me via the link at the bottom of this page so we can contact each other and keep the Miracle Anointing and Connection flowing into your life!


In 1995 I was a Youth Pastor at a Conference and while worshiping it felt as though a lightening bolt hit me and I began to shake, vibrate and tingle all over. From that point on I began to have Miracles and Phenomenon in my meetings and it launched my speaking ministry. I have spoken in churches and conferences in 38 states and a few countries and all have experienced extended revivals and miracles of all sorts.


If you are believing God for a Miracle, whether healing, financial or relational I invite you to Partner with me through the link at the bottom of this page. I will personally call you and pray with you for instant and progressive miracles.We use the secure Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account just use your regular Debit or Credit Card.Also note that there are Monthly payment options when you click the arrow and scroll.

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